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  • Founder: Bioveta - Hair, Health & Wellness  
  •  Founder: Frizzari Haircare 
  •  Mr. Jonathan: Unquestionably the industry's foremost authority on hair chemistry
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Bioveta is a lifestyle brand presents a new paradigm of products and services that focus on Ayurvedic based ingredients which are 5,000-years-old and utilizes a system of natural wellness that has truly stood the test of time. 

Bioveta introduces first their unique 3 step system for delivering that perfect hair the very first time you use it. They also offer two new styling products that allow you to determine the amount of softness, fullness, control and shine that you desire, fine hair now can be released from the heavy oils and drying protein fillers. Experience what rich, 24/7 soft to the touch hair really fees like. Eliminate 
those sad hair days forever!

 Educational videos, national beauty shows, trade shows, seminars, salons, barber and cosmetology schools are the next stop for Bioveta as we teach hair stylists and clients internationally on how to become their very best version of themselves!

"feel it to believe it"
From keynote speaking on college campuses and International stages to the posh hairstyling salons in New York City or engineering sound for world famous musicians to his present position as founder of MJP Organics LLC, Mr. Jonathan Pike provides premium production services, hair-care and nutritional products for celebrities, entertainment artists, social and civic leaders and the movers and shakers of a global business market.

His Great Grandfather, Howard Savage of Eastport Maine, was the Presidential Hairstylist for 58 years. In 1988-90, Mr. Jonathan was the Senior Colorist, Official Mr. Nice n’ Easy and National Spokesperson for Clairol Inc. on Park Avenue, NYC. 

Today, Mr. Jonathan is unquestionably the Number #1 Hair Guru in the world and the industry’s foremost authority on haircare systems. Finding out what the absolute best of things in life has been his journey, sharing what he has found out is his passion.

"it's never too late for a great childhood"
Tour after tour, whether sponsor of the Soul Train Music Awards to the Red Carpet in Hollywood with reality stars and the entertainment industries best, Frizzari 
Haircare has provided a chemical tool that corrects the damage to hair on contact, 
leaving the hair feeling great!!

Frizzari Haircare is an exclusive line designed specifically for multi-cultural hair that eliminates the confusion and uncertainty 
when processing various chemical 
services by anyone.

In the high stakes game of celebrity hair you have to have exceptional knowledge to ensure that the results speak to your skill set as a professional. Frizzari gives you that education and confidence.

Different styling challenges create the demand for a system of hair management unlike any other product. Frizzari stands for Fix and that is just what is does!

"stop it & lock it"
See Mr. Jonathan LIVE

Meet Mr. Jonathan 
Live in Johannesburg South Africa

June 23 2018 Money Wealth & Business Conference
JT Fox's Mega Business Event featured millionaires, billionaires, civic leaders along with entrepreneur's from around the world to experience a high powered growth event for any business to an audience of 3000. 

Meet Mr. Jonathan 
Live at The Hippodrome

August 29 2018 
Come witness an event in the haircare industry that will take your hair from Frizz to Fabulous instantly ! Free Event & Gifts
Wednesday August 29th 1-3pm & 6:30-8:30pm
The Hippodrome 724 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

Meet Mr. Jonathan @ The Premiere Birmingham Beauty Event

Bioveta pre-launch event at the Premiere Birmingham show. Please email me at for details about scheduled meet & greets on Saturday the 20th set up day and evenings after show Sunday or Monday. 
Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex
2100 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North
Birmingham, AL 35203

MEGA SUCCESS & Bioveta Launch  
November 5-10 2018 
L.A. California

Mr. Jonathan will share the stage with Jessica Simpson, Al Pacino, Michael Douglas, Hugh Hilton, Brooke Shields, Mel Gibson and many others as he launches the next Billion dollar hair brand, Bioveta at JT Foxx's Mega Success.
November 5-10th 2018
Anaheim Marriott
700 West Convention Way 
Anaheim, CA 92802

CURACAO ~ Private Event

November 15 - 20 2018 
This Dutch Caribbean island will provide a photo shoot paradise for Bioveta makeovers and marketing meetings for the upcoming 2019 season.
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Mr. Jonathan 
& Jane Carter
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Spelman College
Frankfurt Germany Lab 1974
David Hall
NEEDED: Hairstylists that want to increase their earnings, develop their knowledge base and be a part of a movement for excellence in all facets of your career. Please submit an inquiry with a history of your work experience.
MJP Organics LLC has need of seasoned professionals to combine efforts for a better brand and cause. This will be one of the stellar moments in your life, don't miss out! Please send your resume with a list of talents, skills and portfolio.
Frizzari Haircare
NEEDED: Multi-Cultural Hairstylists that have platform experience and have worked as an educator or instructor. If you are highly talented, please submit an inquiry with a list of your skills and pictures of your hair artistry.
Barber, Cosmetology Schools, Colleges & Universities
MJP Organics offers continuing education through both Bioveta & Frizzari brands. We make it a practice to enlighten emerging hairstylists with a program to excel from day #1 in the salon or barbershop. Contact us below with a request for a workshop, class or seminar, students will thank you!

MJP Organics LLC and the Family of Products
We stive to offer you only the finest products that make a difference in your life. We consider many brands that want to be a part of the family or how they, themselves can convert sales into mega profits! If you have a new idea or product, we would love to speak with you. Please submit your comments below.

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Whether you or your organization needs relevant topic speakers, call to action motivators or possible re-structering to a more profitable future in your career, we have a team in the IMN-Dallas that can coach you to your first $1 million, $10 million or $100 million. Please submit an inquiry for a consultation.

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